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Error Number = 316 during payables integration

Sean Reynolds asked 2 years ago
Hello – 
I have an integration which from time to time throws this error:
Error Number = 316  Stored Procedure= taPMTransactionInsert  Error Description = Batch (BACHNUMB) is currently being posted
Node Identifier Parameters: taPMTransactionInsert
Our integration brings in a complex XML file from Wells Fargo, translates it into a csv file then integrates it into Dynamics GP.   After the integration is successful, we execute a SQL command to update the SmartPost_ScheduleMaster table:
UPDATE SmartPost_ScheduleMaster SET NextRunDateTime = DATEADD(minute, 3, GETDATE()), Active = ‘1’ WHERE ScheduleMasterID = ‘D1391CF8-6EAC-4CB6-A981-A82300AF15C9’
I’m not sure what’s causing this error to occur, unless it’s taking longer than 3 minutes to integrate the batch.   When I reprocessed the file with 130 items in it, it took 45 seconds to integrate.  
Any thoughts?
Sean Reynolds
MIC Global Services

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