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bhargav kandala asked 5 years ago
Hi All,
I’m new to this forum so please excuse me if my questions are very obvious. This is the first time i’m using this product. I have a sql in smart connect which when i run in the management studio runs fine , when i run the mapping it fails with the following error.Can someone please help me.?
LUTES_AR: Sql procedure error codes returned: 
Error Number = 1344  Stored Procedure= taRMDistribution  Error Description = A Debit (DEBITAMT) or credit amount (CRDTAMNT) must be included
Node Identifier Parameters: taRMDistribution
DOCNUMBR = 138482
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taRMDistribution
DEBITAMT = 0.00000
CRDTAMNT = 0.00000
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
SmartConnect uses eConnect to import into GP. eConnect takes into account the business logic built into GP which in this case states that you must either enter a value for either the Debit or Credit. So if you enter a value for either one it should resolve the error. If you were to execute the statement yourself and manually force the values into the GP tables it would work because the business logic isn’t present to prevent you from doing it. The downside to this approach is you will be creating data that might not work within GP as desired.

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