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Error in Map pre task 'BUILDFILE': expression expected

Habib Salim asked 2 years ago
i am getting 3 errors when validating a pre-map script file.  I am converting a
 Error in Map pre task ‘BUILDFILE’: expression expected
Error in Map pre task ‘BUILDFILE’: Type ‘StringBuilder; is not defined
what am i missing?
here is my script:

        Dim sourceFolder As String = “C:\temp\ZZ”
        Dim ArchiveFolder As String = “C:\temp\ZZ\Success\”
        Dim DestFile As String = “C:\temp\ZZ\SrcFile\ZebraData.csv”
        ‘ stringbuilder to hold the data
        Dim sb As New StringBuilder()
        ‘ create a new header row
        ‘ get each sourcfile in folder
        For Each fi As FileInfo In New DirectoryInfo(sourceFolder).GetFiles(“*.txt*”)
            Dim prefix As String = fi.Name.Substring(0, fi.Name.IndexOf(“_”))
            Dim srcFile As New Object
            ‘read all data in file into an object
            srcFile = System.IO.File.ReadAllLines(fi.FullName)
            ‘read each line in file, split the comma-separated values, reassemble as quoted values
            For Each line As Object In srcFile
                For Each str As String In line.ToString().Split(“,”)
                    sb.Append(“””” & str & “””,”)
                sb.Append(“””” & prefix & “”””)
            ‘move sourcefile to an archive
            fi.MoveTo(ArchiveFolder & fi.Name, True)
        ‘overwrite existing file with my new data – Smartconnect will read this file using odbc
        System.IO.File.WriteAllText(DestFile, sb.ToString())
Return True
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Like the File system calls, you have to fully qualify your reference to the stringbuilder class.
Dim sb As New Sytem.Text.StringBuilder()

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