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Error in Extender Smartlist columns

Joyce Wong asked 10 years ago
I created a few Extenders Detail Forms and add the details to smartlist. But the columns in the smartlist are different from the fields in the extender forms.

This happened if the fields are changed, rearranged or if the extender is imported from another company.

Another discrepancy in smartlist happened with an extender form which has a secondary ID field for the ID field prompt.  The fields for the record do not appear in the same line in smartlist. For example, in one record the ID Field Prompt = Sales Code, Secondary ID field = Status and Field 1 = Item Number. In the smartlist, the three values for this record are displayed in separate lines.

Any idea for solution?
David replied 10 years ago


This happens if you add or change fields in eXtender. You end up getting the same field added multiple times in the SmartList.

To fix it, open the SmartList in question. (The one with the issue). Then inside of SmartList go to Additional – eXtender Enterprise.

Find the SmartList in question and highlight it. In the upper right side it will show all the eXtender fields added to it. Highlight the problem fields and delete them.

What I typically do is delete ALL the fields that show up there. They automatically get added next time you open the SmartList, so you don't lose anything by deleting all of them. By deleting all of them, you start off with a clean SmartList.

You can't multi select in that window, you have to highlight the fields individually and then use the Red X to delete them.

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