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Error importing SOP Invoices

Tracy asked 6 years ago
Hi,When importing SOP invoices, the following error message is received when the price is 0:Stored Procedure=taSOPLineIvcInsert Error Description=BUG ID#50489.  The convert functional price functionality currently does not exist in eConnect.How do I resolve this ?Thanks  
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
When giving econnect errors, the error number is usually the best because we can look it up in the taErrorCode table.  The error number is: 11522 and I was surprised as heck to see that the message was as you saw.  So it would appear to me that they got a GP bug number in the message for some dumb reason.
From the comment in the proc, it looks like you ran into a pricing situation that eConnect can’t handle and it throws this message.  I believe the problem is that the currency you are passing is MC and for the Item, the Price Level doesn’t exist for that currency.  And there is no fallback to calculate the pricing at that point.
Check out your pricing on this item/currency combination and if you can’t get it to work then you’ll want to contact Microsoft.

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