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Error importing item prices

Tracy Samuels asked 7 years ago
I am importing new item prices using the Item Price Lists.  I have mapped both the “Add Price List Line” and “Create Price List” nodes.  When I run the map, I receive the following message “Node taIVCreateItemPriceListheader not found n IVCreateItemPriceListType.  The element is required for this transaction type”.  What is causing this error ?
Chris answered 7 years ago
If you get that message it means that the grouping is wrong in the map. When you do prices, you have the price list line and price list header nodes mapped, the “Create Price List” node being the header – which also needs to be grouped down so it isn’t sent each time the line is added.
So your Create Price List node should be grouped by the same fields as your Key Field(s) in your data source. That will only send it once per record – yet send the lines as many times as needed.
You can also send the map to the GP – File destination to test. It should create a file per record that it creates, if you open one of them up you should only see one Create Price List node in each file, instead of multiples which is what you’d see if you didn’t have it grouped correctly.

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