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Error after upgrading

Audra asked 6 years ago
Getting the following error when running map after upgrade.  The funny thing is the map runs successfully and all documents are imported into GP and the file does copy to the fail folder.  (This map is setup to import JEs into all companies.  If the GP company does does not have a JE it copies to the fail folder.)
Error in MsGpDestination. Line taGLTransactionLineInsert_6BE01F9E-F7D9-41C9-83F2-A69D00D6E185 for update of Global Rolling Column. Could not retrieve the next number in the sequence.
Processing failed for data rows matching Date = ‘8/31/2016 1:18:00 PM’
Task PACF failed. Map run will continue.  File \\2008FS\shared\Finance\Aptify – GP Data\Aptify Batch – 20160831.csv has failed to copy to the fail folder.
Does anyone know what I can check to get rid of the message above.  There is only one Global Rolling Column and it validates and updates the next JE # correctly.

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