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error after upgrade to GP2015 R2

Jeanenne asked 7 years ago
We had built several Smartlists using Smartlist Builder in GP2013, then recently upgraded to GP2015 R2. On some of these Smartlists, we had Go Tos that would open the Sales Inquiry screen. However, when we run the smartlist and click the Go To, we are getting this error:
Unhandled script exception:
Invalid product id 4612
When I open Smartlist Builder to remove this Go To, I am getting the same error.
Anyone else having this issue?
Jason Nikodym replied 7 years ago

I’m having the exact same issue. Has anyone found a fix for this?

patrick answered 6 years ago
run this script:

delete from DYNAMICS..SLB90000 where PRODID = 4612
and SLB will now allow you to delete the old GoTo.  You’d then recreate it again using the new methods.

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