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Error 7 document exists when integrating Cash receipts into GP 182

Jacqueline asked 2 years ago
Hi All
I am having issues integrating cssh receipts into GP 18.2. I have a GP rolling column for the doc number, and there are no apply records. I am getting error number 7 for a few documents of about 80 in all. Most work just finme but eConnect claims the doc number already exists for a few. However upon checking each table in the list, i can’t find the document(s). Also, this is a ‘clean’ test company with no previous AR transactions, and i delete the batch before trying again, which clears all the tables named. Each customer only has one document to integrate, so it’s not a case of grouping. Any ideas?
Error Number = 7  Stored Procedure= taRMCashReceiptInsert  Error Description = Document number already exists in either RM00401, RM10101, RM10201, RM20101 or RM30101
Node Identifier Parameters: taRMCashReceiptInsert
DOCNUMBR = PYMNT000000006899
DOCDATE = 2020-11-20
Jacqueline answered 2 years ago
Resolved, turns out there was duplicate data in the imported data set, error message is a bit misleading

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