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Error 7 document exists when integrating Cash receipts into GP 18.3 18.3.1833

Andrew Butler asked 2 years ago
I have just upgraded a customer to GP18.3.1233 onto a new server and thus installed SC as well and have migrated the databases, re-done the mappings and made sure the ODBC links to the new servers. There are around 10 mappings which do the same thing but each one uses a different GP DB. This map basically reads a SQL Table and pushes the data into GP and then will be posted accordingly. However upon running the map in SC it is showing the below error:
Sql procedure error codes returned:   Error Number = 7  Stored Procedure= taRMCashReceiptInsert  Error Description = Document number already exists in either RM00401, RM10101, RM10201, RM20101 or RM30101  Node Identifier Parameter   
I have checked the tables listed and the document number does not exist, I have made sure there is no duplication of data in the SQL Temp Table it is referencing to and also made sure there are no links to the existing database. Can anyone shed light on this?     
Oluwadamilola Ajayi answered 2 years ago


Hi Andrew,
The issue might be that you are sending the data to the wrong company.  One where the document number already exists, and where the checkbook ID doesn’t exist. 

Open the map, go to the destination section of the map, and hit the companies button.   Either the wrong company is selected, or you have 2 companies selected and it’s trying to send it to both companies at the same time.  Make sure only 1 company is selected, and make sure that is the company where you are checking for the duplicate document numbers, and the checkbook


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