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Error 6149 from taPaProjects when trying to create new project

Tom asked 3 years ago

Working on a SmartConnect map that will create a new GP project  / project budget using a SQL table as a source.  I am in the testing phase, so prior to running the map I set the associated Contract status to 4 prior to execution.

The map fails with an eConnect error of 6149, “Invalid Project Number (PAPROJNUMBER) – Project Number already exists in the PA01201 Table”.  But there is no existing project in the PA01201 with the same number.  I even rebuilt the indexes on PA01101 and PA01201 to see if the issue was with an indexed lookup.  

Anyone come across this before?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
I can think of two possible reasons you would see this error.

  1. The SmartConnect map is pointed to the wrong GP company. You can check this by opening the map > Destination > Click the ‘Companies’ button > and make sure only the company you want to import the project to is selected.

  2. An issue with grouping is causing the same project to be imported multiple times. Make sure your source key field(s) is unique for each Project. This ensures the Source only returns the project once even if it is referenced by multiple rows in the source. The grouping of the ‘Create Project’ node should be the same field(s) as the key field.

As a final troubleshooting step, you can change the destination to ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP – File’ and output the map to XML files to review that the project is only sent once.
Tom answered 3 years ago
Thanks Ethan, you are certainly on to something…..   
In the map I am building I am trying to set up the Project in PA01201 and add the Budget lines to PA01301, so the source table has 1 row per project/cost category combination.  The query to pull the source records is ‘Select *’ and the key field is the project number.  I explored your suggestion by adding cost category to the existing key field.  Running the map with 21 source rows yields 1 success and 20 failures (each with the 6149 error).  
So is it possible to create both the project AND the budget in the same map?  
Tom answered 3 years ago
DUH!   I forgot to group the source data by project number in the create project map.  
All good now….  Thanks for jarring my memory.

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