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Error 154 , 90138

AventChad asked 8 years ago
I have a smart connect map creating a payables transaction in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  the map works most of the time.  but I have a few records that won't import, Data looks fine as far as I can tell.  And the only error I'm getting back is the following.

Sql procedure error codes returned:   Error Number = 154  Stored Procedure= taPMTransactionInsert  Error Description = Post Custom Business Logic in taPMTransactionInsertPost returned an error value  Node Identifier Parameters: taPMTransactionInsert   Error Number = 90138  Stored Procedure=   Error Description = Error Codes were not found in table DYNAMICS..taErrorCode. Please insure that the table taErrorCode is up to update. 90138

How can I find out what the error is?

Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago
That error means that someone has written custom logic in the taPMTransactionInsertPost procedure and it is throwing the error 90138.  Error 154 is a standard eConnect error stating the post processing logic failed. Error 90138 is what is being thrown as the actual error number.

You will need to find who modified that procedure so they can help you troubleshoot the issue. The procedure is unencrypted so if you are familiar with SQL code you could look at what the procedure is doing as well.

AventChad replied 8 years ago

Suppose it’s possible someone modified that procedure but since its encrypted I doubt it.  Unless they are the ones that encrypted it.  Unfortunately I don’t have access to the person that would have done it.  I’ll keep digging. 

Lorren replied 8 years ago

By default the Pre and Post procedures are not encrypted but it is possible that whoever modified it, made it encrypted.

AventChad replied 8 years ago

Good to know.


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