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eOne SmartConnect Service "Crashing"

Mike McLain asked 6 years ago
Has anyone else experienced the eOne SmartConnect Service crashing and causing scheduled maps to cease running? This seems to happen about once a week on its own and also whenever I make a substantial change to a scheduled map and save it.
Andrew replied 6 years ago

Sigh, unfortunately yes. The scheduler is supposed to be improved in the current release, but honestly it is the weak link in the product. We have done a few workarounds for clients. Options you can try – setup a service restart job in windows task scheduler to restart the job periodically. you need to also flush the map activity table to cover yourself for maps stuck running when the service went down.
Option 2. skip the scheduler altogether and just use the commandline map execute function and create your own script to call the maps that way and again, schedule that script, or scripts with windows task scheduler. We are using powershell to do that but you can use plain old cmd batch files or vbs scripts or whatever you like best for those things.

Mike McLain replied 6 years ago

Thanks! I’m just glad there is a solution, even if it is a workaround!

Joseph replied 6 years ago

Is this fixed yet ??? Restarting the service on a periodic basis is a kludge and a half and it seems to stop the change table maintenance from deleting processed entries after a change map runs

Mike replied 6 years ago

So far it seems to be. We updated to the latest version,, and I haven’t had a crash since.

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