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eOne SmartConnect Excel Addin Problem

Kelly asked 5 years ago
I have created a SmartConnect upload to Dynamics GP from excel using the excel Addin.  The spreadsheet has multiple tabs, but all tabs have the same layout, fields and header information.  The only thing that changes is the data entered into the fields and the name of the tab for each day.  This is completed on a daily basis. Previously we were uploading these with SmartConnect using the map manager to run.  That process worked for the month of Feb and the beginning of Mar. 
I recently completed the linking for the excel addin to use for this and in test company everything ran without issue.  Yesterday, the excel addin upload ran fine on the first tab to be uploaded and gave no errors.  The second tab to be uploaded, we received an error of ‘Failed! Error: Error submitting data, try saving first : The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.’ The unexpected on this is that the data uploaded into Dynamics GP and is all correct…
The sheets are copied each day as we move forward, so all layouts and headers are identical to the day prior. 
Anyone have any thoughts on what would cause this error?

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