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Enable SmartList Tracking?

Chip Harris asked 2 years ago
We are attempting to cleanup our Smartlist and would like to enable SmartList Tracking to help identify obsolete favorites.  We are using SmartList Builder 16.00.0032.  How should this feature be enabled?
Indicates:To view the SmartList Tracking:

Open the SmartList Tracking window (Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – SmartList Builder – SmartList Tracking).

I’m not seeing SmartList Tracking as an option.
Thanks in advance for your assistance!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I’m assuming you are logging in as ‘sa’ or another PowerUser in GP?  Otherwise you won’t have security and would be hidden by GP.
Otherwise, I would have expected SLB to have just added it to the menu system but yours isn’t doing that for some reason.
Two things you could do:
1. Ignore the menus
Just make a Navigation Shortcut on the nav pane or else a quick link to the Smartlist Tracking window.  That’ll open and work fine same as if we had a menu
2. blow away the existing SLB menus and they should get recreated
shouldn’t be an issue if you just blow the SLB menus away
delete from SY07110 where CmdDictID = 3830
Now when you relaunch GP , SLB should rebuild the menus for everyone again which would include that menu item.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

Actually, looks like I glossed over the fact that you said SLB 16.0/2016. This new SmartList Tracking feature was only added to the new GP 18.2 version of SLB 18.2.07 I think it was.

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