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empty cell from a pivot table

Dominic asked 6 years ago
I’m integrating a payable documetn based on a pivot tale.  There is the first line which is always empty (as the data source may have empty or filled lines, this blank line is always there)
I don’T want to filter out that line because when new information comes in, this new info will be filtered out as well when we refresh the pivot table.
I thought I could restrict the map  adding in the Create Payable transaction node:
if _Total amount > 0
return true
return false

end if
But since it’s blank value, The map doesn’t restrict it.  How does smartconnect interpret a blank pivot table line?
dominic answered 6 years ago
ok nevermind, I have added as space so that it recognizes it as a blank record.
However I,m having a “There was an error writing to the pipe: Unrecognized errer 232 (0xe8).
Now my files always go to the fail directory  (I,m using a folder data source)
Dominic answered 6 years ago
allright..  I did the Pipe thing here:
But now I’m having “Node taPMTransactionInsert not found in PMTransasctionType.  The element node is required for this transaction type.”
I’m using the same restriction in the add distribution node as the create payables transaction.  so if my VendorID is ” ” return false.
How do I avoid this blank line to ever run the PMTransactionType node?
here is the xml output:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>


<ConnectionString>data source=FIXMT1VSQL01;initial catalog=TESTC;integrated security=SSPI;persist security info=False;packet size=4096;Connect Timeout=10</ConnectionString>
dominic answered 6 years ago
Allright nevermind. 
I’m filtering the pivot table to exclude the lable ” ” (space)  this doesn’T impact the refresh of a pivot table if there is new data.
Now I’m having the error (Processing failed for data rows matching VendorID = ” )  I have taken out my restrictions as the vendor id ” ” (space) is no longer a line item.
Unfortunately, it looks like smartconnect still sees a blank line in the file
But at least my files go into the success folder.

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