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Email Task

Sean R asked 10 years ago
I have a rather complex map where I'm attempting to task emails at two junctures:  one in the "Map Pre Task section" and one in the "Tasks that run if the map succeeds".   My particular question deals with the email task in the Map Pre Task section.

Here's the basics of my map:

1. The map validates the existence of files on a remote FTP site.
2. Map then downloads the files to a local working directory on the network.
3. The map then spins through the file validating the date and account code.  If it fails on the date it exits and is supposed to send an email.   If it passes the date test, but fails on the account code, then it's supposed to exit and send an email.

When I ran this in test, it successfully sent the email when it failed on the date or account, but then continued on through the rest of the map.   I need help on making the map stop if the tests in #3 fail and send the email to the accounting group and not continue on. 

Thank you for any help.
Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
If you want a task to end the map, you will need to have it set to "Quit" on the task success or failure – in the case of the email.

If you want to conditionally send an email based off of the results of tasks that run before it, then I would probably make all the tasks scripting tasks. That way you can set a globabl variable in the tasks that check if the data fails your checks, and then look at that global variable before sending the email in the other script.

IF you want to end a map from a scripting task would would end it with the statement "Return False" rather than "Return True". So when you got to the script that sends the email, it would only do the email and the return false statement if one of those global variables were set by your data checking tasks/scripts.

If you want an exmaple of an email script you can search our knowledge base for "sample scripts" and there is a download that has a sample email script in it.

H replied 10 years ago

Chris –

Thanks for the reply.  I did check out the sample script SendEmailAttachement.txt (which was the only one I saw in the sample script download) and used most of it to write the code as you suggested.   However, I'm still having trouble with my date verification script and the subsequent email script. 

This is my code for the Date and Account verification:

Dim JHIcsvArray() As String
Dim JHIcsvLine As String
Dim sr As New System.IO.StreamReader("\riskytoolsSQL_BackupsIBSSmartConnect_TestJHIWorkJHI_IBSUPLOAD.csv")
Dim dtDate As Date = System.DateTime.Today
Dim sysDate As String
Dim badAcct As String = "GPM-5/1*"
Dim strDate As String
Dim strAcct As String

While Not sr.EndOfStream
       JHIcsvLine = sr.ReadLine()
                      JHIcsvArray = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Split(JHIcsvLine, ",")
                      If Microsoft.VisualBasic.IsNumeric(JHIcsvLine.Substring(0, 8)) Then
                            strDate = System.Convert.ToDateTime(CStr(JHIcsvArray(1)))
                            sysDate = System.Convert.ToDateTime(CStr(dtDate))
                            strAcct = CStr(JHIcsvArray(2))
                           If strDate = sysDate Then
                                If strAcct.Substring(0, 8) <> badAcct Then
                                     GBL_ACCTRESULT = True
                                     GBL_ACCTRESULT = False
                                     Exit While
                                End If
                               GBL_DATERESULT = False
                               Exit While
                           End If
                      End If
                Loop Until JHIcsvArray Is Nothing
End While


And this is my code for the Email send part.


Dim emailSender As String = ""
Dim emailReceiver As String = ""
Dim subject As String
Dim body As String
Dim hostServer As String = "HOSTSERVER"
Dim hostPort As Integer = 25

           Dim Message As New System.Net.Mail.MailMessage()

           If GBL_ACCTRESULT = False Then
   With Message
                 .To.Add(New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(emailReceiver))
                 .From = New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(emailSender)
                 .Subject = GBL_JHI_UPLOAD & "failed during upload process"
                 .Body = GBL_JHI_UPLOAD & "failed during the upload process to Dynamics GP because of bad account in the file.   Please review and resolve."
                 .IsBodyHtml = True
             End With
           Else IF  GBL_DATERESULT = False then
                With Message
                 .To.Add(New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(emailReceiver))
                 .From = New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(emailSender)
                 .Subject = GBL_JHI_UPLOAD & "failed during upload process"
                 .Body = GBL_JHI_UPLOAD & "failed during the upload process to Dynamics GP because the date in the file is incorrect.   Please review and resolve."
                 .IsBodyHtml = True
             End With
           End If
            Dim SmtpClient As New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient

            SmtpClient.Host = hostServer
            SmtpClient.Port = hostPort
            SmtpClient.DeliveryMethod = System.Net.Mail.SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network


        Catch ex As Exception

End Try

I believe I'm setting my globar variables correctly but my email seems to not be firing properly.    I get a failure on the bad account but the email never sends.   I'm sure this is something simple I'm missing, but I don't know what.


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