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Email Task – SMTP Error

Mick asked 8 years ago
We have a scheduled MAP setup to send an email after each document with a success status, and on weekends an error occurs which we assume is due to more data being pushed through. There are multiple documents being loaded, and the map runs for about 10 -15 minutes. I have read the other posts about connections, and an interesting article talks about the SMTP connections not receiving a QUIT command, so will timeout eventually. Is there a way to check this is the case and or ensure the SMTP connection is closed after each document. G_JNL_TAX: Task GLJRNLTAXSUCCESSEMAIL failed. Document run will continue. Service not available, closing transmission channel. The server response was: 4.4.1 Connection timed out. Regards, Mick
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

This has been written up as an issue and will be fixed in a future release of SmartConnect. At this time there is no scheduled date or version for inclusion.

Mick replied 8 years ago


Thanks very much.


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