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Email Field

mikescott asked 10 years ago
The field of type email. What are the size limitations on it in the latest version of extender? Currently in the version that comes with GP in 10.0 it is 30 characters. As you can imagine there are many email fields larger then that. 
David replied 10 years ago


On the latest version of eXtender Enterprise for GP 2010 the email address can be up to 255 characters. 

mikescott replied 10 years ago

What about for 2013? And not the enterprise version but the "lite" version?

David replied 10 years ago

I just looked on GP 2013 and the email field allows 255 characters on both the Standard and Enterprise versions of Extender.

Extender 2013 is not yet available, it should be released sometime in mid to late February.   

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