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Eliminating Duplicate Records From the Import

Charles asked 6 years ago
I’m importing data from another SQL Server into GP. These are vendor records and most will already exist in GP. To avoid getting rows of duplicate errors in the import log, is there a way to check for duplicate records as the data is imported only import records not in the GP Vendor Master?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 6 years ago
You would want to create the SmartConnect map as a multi-data source map. You would create one data source to pull the data from your other SQL Server, and a data source to pull the vendors from the GP company vendor master table. Once you have these, you would join them together on your key fields, for example the Vendor ID from the other SQL server equals the Vendor ID from the GP Verndor master table. Make sure you mark the Vendor ID from the GP source data to be returned, then you can add criteria in the query building window on the GP VENDORID  “is null” without the double quotes. This will only give you a list of vendors that are not currently in the GP vendor master table.

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