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Letha asked 8 years ago
What does the taCustomerInsert trigger that is created when installing eConnect do?
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
I don’t believe that Microsoft eConnect creates any triggers when eConnect is installed. They install a stored procedure called taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd which creates new Dynamics GP customers or updates existing customers depending on the options used.
Here is the link to the Microsoft eConnect documentation
Letha Speaks replied 8 years ago


The following is what I found on the GP Forum:

“By default you should have only one trigger on this table (zDT_RM00101U)… if you happened to have eConnect installed on your GP server, then you’ll also have taCustomerInsert…

Now those 2 are perfectly legit and shouldn’t cause any problems or errors, unless the eConnect setup was not done completely and some tables are missing…

Any other trigger would have been installed by a 3rd party solution in my opinion and you’d need to figure out what it does first. Many times, a 3rd party solution or customization is going to disable the default trigger, something I’ve seen myself and causes issues when you do apply a service pack or upgrade to your system.”

This is why I posed the question.

Thank you,

Lorren Zemke replied 8 years ago

Thanks Letha, I did not know that eConnect installed any triggers in GP. You should be able to right-click on the trigger and script it out to see what it does then.

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