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Econnect rounding

Michelle asked 9 years ago
Does econnect perform any special processing when passed a char value parameter? I created a custom node with a parameter that is char(21) for the voucher number, mapped the field to a GPRolling column. The XML for the map created by Smartconnect shows the voucher properly. Yet, when passed into the stored procedure it is truncated to one character. When values are explicitly set or called from outside econnect, the parameter is sent in properly. The only variable left is the processing that econnect is performing on the variable.
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

I have not heard of eConnect doing any special processing when it calls the stored procedure using the data from the XML.

The only way I can think to try and see what is really being sent to the stored procedure would be to run a SQL Profile when you execute the map.  When I create the trace i usually use the TSQL_SPs template for my trace.  then search for that procedure name and see what is being sent to the procedure.

Michelle answered 9 years ago
I re-executed my stored proc with a different name and re-added it as a node in smartconnect. It now is successfully reading the parameters properly and updating my Nolan Intercompany node. YAY

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