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Dynamics GP SOP using SQL Change Table not grouping

Ryan asked 6 years ago
I built an integration in SC 2016 using SQL Table Change as my data source and Dynamics GP SOP as my destination. I have my Order ID grouped on create sales transaction but when I integrate, it only brings in the 1st line and the second line states duplicate document number. On the Key Fields for my source, if I remove sc_sequence and only leave my Order ID as Key field, order sent to GP perfectly, but returns the error about the sc_sequence. Not sure what I am missing as I am only grouping on the create sales transaction and create payment. I know grouping is right because after removing sc_sequence as key field, order imports successfully.
Jared Dux Staff answered 6 years ago
Using a SQL change data source you need to use the sc_sequence key field otherwise it will not update the tracking table correctly.  Using the Order ID and sc_sequence is what is causing the issue because it needs to run through each record on its own and update the order, but the way SOP works you can’t use the update existing option.  One way to get around this is to setup your original map that will create the tracking table for you and then create a second map that uses the tracking table and original table as your source.  This is the map that you will actually run.  In this map you can setup a post task to update the tracking table to mark the appropriate records as processed.  If you need assistance with this I would suggest emailing

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