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Dynamics GP Group Option Not Available

hstabell asked 10 years ago
When setting up a map where the source is a txt file and the destination is Dynamics GP, the Group and Node options are blank – nothing is available in the drop down/selection boxes. Has anyone run into this? how can this issue be resolved?
Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
The steps Martin gave will actually create the objects in use for real-time data sources and have them appear there. To get the Groups and Node Types to show up in the destination the steps are slightly different. In the SmartConnect interface go to the Setup panel and then the Setup button under that. In there you will want to highlight the GP Connector and set that up and save the windows. After that go into the Setup panel and hit the System Maintenance button and run that. That should populate those destination fields for you in the map. The full info for setting up the connectors are in our manual on our site and also available from the Help button inside of SmartConnect. H
martin answered 10 years ago
Hi – you need to run the SmartConnect GP resource cache inside of GP. This creates all the nodes and groups to match your eConnect install. The SmartConnect GP resource cache can be run by selecting Microsoft Dynamics GP / Tools / SmartConnect / GP Resource Cache

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