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Dynamics CRM Order Products Table

Audrey Forrest asked 5 years ago
Does anyone have experience with mapping to the OrderProducts table in Dynamics CRM (cloud)? I am pretty new to Smart Connect and I am trying to back-fill old sales orders into our new CRM db so we have sales history populated for our customers in one place. My steps were as follows:
Uploaded the products to the Product table – Native Uploader
Uploaded the order headers to the Order table – Native Uploader
Uploaded the product Price Lists in the ProductPriceLevel table – Smart Connect
Now I am trying to populate the order records with the products on the orderproducts table, and Smart Connect says the upload was successful, so I do not have an error message to go off of, but I do not see the records in the orders (where they should be) or even unassociated in the tables.
I am grouping on SalesOrderID, and I have all the required information populated, can someone point me in the right direction?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Audrey,
Are you able to manually add the Sales Order Lines to the Orders? Filling in all of the background information can be tough so it is possible one of the related entities still isn’t setup correctly. Also check the status of the order header and related entities. The order should be in “Draft” status, and the products, units, and price levels should all be active. 

I noticed that there isn’t a specific product field required, so make sure you are using the existing product field. The rest of the product information should default to their standard values unless you set them to a different value. 

If you are still having trouble with this integration it would be faster to resolve if you contact
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago

The resolution was removing the mappings to user related fields: Owner, Owning user, Created By, and Owning Business Unit. These fields, if required, will default to the user account in the CRM Connector setup.

If she wanted to map those fields she would need to make sure all users were in CRM, assigned to the correct business unit, and have access to the Sales Order and Sales Order Line entities.

Audrey Forrest replied 5 years ago

Also, changing the map settings to “Update Existing” (top right corner) helped by updating the order records. Thanks, Ethan!

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