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Dynamics CRM Connector – Failed to get CRM Organizations : FCB 'EnableRegionalDisco' is disabled

Anonymous asked 2 years ago
We recently upgraded our SmartConnect instance to SC ( because of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM CE authentication process. 
However when configuring the CRM Connector we still receive the message:
Failed to get CRM Organizations : FCB ‘EnableRegionalDisco’ is disabled when configuring the Dynamics CRM Connector
CRM Server:
Authentication type : Microsoft Online Federation
Option Use Ssl to connect is checked
We made sure we entered the right Username and Password
Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Thanks!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
You might have installed the new version but you still have to reconfigure the CRM CE Connector properly per the link in the article.
Connecting to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement | SmartConnect (
Once you switch to the new token based auth, you wouldn’t get this error any longer and SC should again connect to CE properly.

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