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duplicate datasource

KBRESULT asked 2 years ago

it would be incredibly use to have the ability to duplicate datasources.

There is an option to do this for integrations, and to copy datasource linked to a integration, but no button to just create a copy of a datasource.

i am currently recreating dozens of integrations in smart connect, many have very similar datasources, it would have saved a lot of time to just be able to duplicate an existing one and tweak settings

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 months ago


Yes that would be a nice feature.  However, the somewhat workaround to this is to actually just duplicate the Map itself.  There is a checkbox for “also duplicate datasource” and if you mark that it will let you name the new data source and then will be created as a copy for the new map.

You would then just delete that newly created map but don’t mark that it should remove the datasource.  Somewhat of a hassle i agree but a lot easier than create complex data sources from scratch until development adds this feature.


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