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Duplicate Additional Menu selection

fwebb asked 10 years ago
I have an extender form attached to the Inventory Site ID Maintenance window and additional menu item, if I login fresh it just displays the one selection, however if I switch between companies without logging out it displays a duplicate selection. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon?
fwebb replied 10 years ago

I just noticed that someone else posted the same issue, sorry I missed it. This is a bug that needs addressing I have 4 companies in GP with several Extender projects configured and my users switch between companies very frequently and it is extremely annoying especially if there are already several selections. I have used Extender for about 3 years now and have noticed that the last few releases have been excessively buggy. I am beginning to lose faith in the product.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. We are waiting for some changes in Dexterity to resolve some things so that we can resolve the duplicate menus. We will certainly get this resolved as soon as we are able to. replied 10 years ago

Hi, in that case how much time do you think this solution will be delivered.

Thanks and regards

Nicole answered 10 years ago
We don’t have a timeline on when it might be fixed by Microsoft. We have been waiting for awhile now.
Stephen replied 9 years ago

Is there any update on this?

nina clarke replied 9 years ago

We’re experiencing this issue on GP 2013 as well. is there a solution to this?

Stephen Rutherford answered 9 years ago
There is the newest update for Extender will fix this issue, but you need to be on GP2013 with R2 installed.

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