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Due Date on SOP Invoice

Jim asked 1 year ago
We recently added some extended payment terms for 12 months and 24 months.  Our existing map for SOP Invoices is picking up the new payment term values properly, but the due date on the invoice in GP is being set to the document date.  I’ve confirmed that we do not have anything mapped to Due Date in the Create Sales Transaction node on the map.  I’ve also confirmed that manually keyed SOP invoices do calculate the due date properly based on the payment terms.
Is there something else that controls this?  Are there any other options short of adding a calculation for the due date and using that in the map?  We’re on sc  Thx.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 year ago
We’ve heard of a few other people mention that eConnect isn’t calculating the due date correctly and have advised the to discuss the issue with Microsoft because as far as I’m aware we’d expect eConnect to calculate it for you correctly if you don’t supply that date.
taSopHdrIvcInsert XML node. | Microsoft Docs
Although looking at the eConnect SDK, it doesn’t actually say that it will “Default from Payment Terms”.
You’d have to have Payment Terms being passed in or possibly defaulting from the Customer, of course.
Otherwise, I was poking around a bit and believe that eConnect is calling taCalcDueDateRM so you could test that a bit – the params look self explanatory.
But assuming it all appears like it should work, you’d have to contact Microsoft and inquire about this since the procs are encrypted.
Could be an issue there although i haven’t heard of any other than a few other customers.  And I’ve not heard back from them on “and here is why it wasn’t working” so i can’t say why that was.

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