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Drill Down Builder

Cory asked 8 years ago
I am attempting to launch a GP window when clicking in an SSRS report for a 3rd party product, Wennsoft. Is there an easy way to determine what the url to open the window should be based on my drill down builder drill down ID? From what I can see it should look like this but it is not working. Any help would be appreciated. Thnaks! dgpp://DGPB/?Db=&Srv=MYSERVER&Cmp=TWO&Prod=131&Act=OPEN&Func=JobStatusInquiry&WS_Job_Number=1001
Jared replied 8 years ago

There is an article on our blog that should help you out.  The easiest way to see the link would be to create an Excel Report and add your drill down to that report.  Here is the link to the article which explains it in more detail:

corys replied 8 years ago

Hello Jared,

I’m pretty sure I have it built that way. In the article the drill down id and the description of the item show as RM but the link shows RMDOC for the Function. Is that a mistake or is there are reason for it?

In mine I’m using a Wennsoft window with Prod 131 and a drill down builder called JOBSTATS with the WS_Job_Number. I can’t get it to work at all.


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