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Drill Down Builder to Receivings Transaction Inquiry Zoom

Abby Barton asked 3 years ago
I created a Drill Down in Drill Down Builder for the Receivings Transaction Inquiry Zoom that I would like to use in SSRS.  I’ve tried just using the POP Receipt Number as a parameter.  I’ve tried multiple parameter combinations with (L) Type, POPTYPE, and Vendor ID.  The action works but then a warning window appears “The POP Receipt Number field can not be set because it has been locked.” The window doesn’t actually open.  I’ve tried setting the parameters to Set Field and Set field Value and run the field script with no luck.  Any assistance on steps to get this to work would be appreciated!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
Instead of trying to make your own “form goto” as you are, instead you should use the Built-in gotos from SLB.  You should be able to find it under the Receivings smartlist and I believe it would be “View”.
All of the Gotos from the GP smartlists should be there under the equivalent smartlist – so if you can do it out of the box in a GP smartlist you should find the same with the SLB smartlists.
Abby Barton replied 3 years ago

@Patrick any other suggestions to using Drilll Down Builder for either Receivings Transaction Inquiry Zoom or Purchase Invoice Inquiry Zoom?

Abby Barton answered 3 years ago
Hi Patrick, I’m trying to get the URL for the drillback.  I don’t see it available on any of the standard SmartList Views in SQL like ReceivingsTransactions or ReceivingsLineItems.  This is to be used in SSRS, that is why I thought I could use Drill Down builder. 

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