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Double Journal Entry

Dean asked 9 years ago
When using the latest SmartConnect Excel templates for GL Journal Entry, I am getting one batch, but 2 different journal entries with the same data. Any reason for this and something that I control via the VBA or on the map itself?
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
That is something you can fix within the map setup inside of SmartConnect.

The template is setup to pull the destination company from the excel sheet, but when you import a map into SmartConnect it will also default a company destination into the map as well.

If you open the map setup window, expand the destination panel and hit the Company button. Uncheck whatever company is marked in there and re-save the map. That should allow the company that is coded in the Define window of the company window to work as expected and only send the data into your GP company once.

dcomber answered 9 years ago
Thanks so much Chris, this worked perfectly. 

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