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Does smartconnect have a built in way of deleting orders in a given sales batch?

Boris asked 2 years ago
I’m creating a multi step map, in one of the steps I extract the data I need from orders in a given batch to a gp file, once extracted I want to delete those orders to free up the allocation. Is there a way for smartconnect to delete those orders, or is me writing a delete sql script to run through ODBC the only option?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Technically the question is:
Does eConnect have a way to delete a SOP document?

I say eConnect vs SmartConnect because all of the GP business logic (or Salesforce or CRM or BC or …) is all in the destination node.  In this case GP uses Microsoft eConnect to perform any of the business logic required.
From this KB:
It does note that there IS a node for “Delete sales document” in eConnect which we can then call from SmartConnect.

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