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Does SmartConnect and or eConnect need to be installed on the GP server?

Tom asked 5 years ago
So we are preparing to test the product and want to make sure that the architecture we test with does not influence the results.

I plan to install eConnect and SmartConnect on a general purpose server in the infrastructure. This server is on the same IP network as the SQL server and the terminal server that runs GP 2016. 

Most of our interest in SmartConnect centers around the file-watcher model so the preliminary plan is to use a folder on this utility server as the trigger to our integrations. 

Is there anything that would prevent this from working? If it will work, will it negatively impact performance?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
As long as you can connect to SQL from the general purpose server you shouldn’t have any issues using that as your location for SmartConnect. 
Keep in mind if you are scheduling maps on the server that you will also need to install the SmartConnect windows service. Make sure the user assigned to the Windows Service is a local machine administrator, and has access to the folder you will be using as the source for your map.

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