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Does SmartConnect 2014 Client require IIS?

jefffenn asked 8 years ago

I'm trying to install the SmartConnect Client 2014 – Client portion only – and it says that IIS is required.  Is that true? I thought IIS was only reqruied if you insatll the Server component.  


Lorren replied 8 years ago


It should only say that IIS is required if you select to install one of the web services which can be selected regardless of whether you select client or server.

Do you remember which components you selected?


Jeff replied 8 years ago

Yes, I only selected client. No other checkboxes. Seems like there is an issue with the installer. -Jeff 

Chris replied 8 years ago

We'll take a look at this and log it if it is the case. If you mark the webservice component options and then uncheck them before continuing (in case it is defaulting them behind the scenes when you don't do anything with them) do you get the same issue?


Best Answer
Chris answered 8 years ago
Jeff there was an issue in the installer, they've already fixed it and we'll have a new build on the site today that will resolve it.

Beat BUCHER replied 8 years ago

Hi Chris,
I've installed the 2014 release this morning as well from the June 27th dated build… the upgrade on the server went well, except that after the first launch and entering the new registration keys, the setup went on to re-register all the components for SC… which I had to kill after it was running for over an hour without seeming to make any progress.. and without seeing any significant activity on the SQL side…
I rebooted the server because there was a DLL causing an issue when trying to start the GP server… which continues to fail even after the reboot..
The biggest issue now is that we realized by opening our first map that all the destination  mapping has been gone during the upgrade :-(… there is no work about this in the upgrade doc.. Should I have exported first all the maps before the upgrade ?
How can we restore the maps without having to go back to the 2013 version and restore the entire SQL DB.. ?
Thanks for your help,

Chris answered 8 years ago
There is an issue with the GP addin on the new build so currently that would need to be removed from the addins folder inside of the GP directory and then the dictionary for SmartConnect and the SET file adjusted as well – or you could re-0run the installer and unmark the GP option to take off that component.

That option is only needed for real-time maps from GP or smartlist maps so can be disabled until they can get a fix for it unless those maps are in use.

For the main maps, you will want to go into the Setup window and open the GP Connector and ensure all the settings are still entered in there correctly; re-enter the user credentials and select the default GP company again to make sure everything connects.

After that is done you will need to launch the System Maintenance window and hit process and let it continue through until it completes to update the maps to the new build. If SmartConnect is installed on multiple machines, you will want to make sure no one tries to access the maps from an earlier version of the tool as well.

If the maintenance process throughs any errors or the maps still do not show the destinations after that process you should contact for direct assistance on the issue. For any map that says the destination is missing you will want to hit the Clear button rather than the Save to keep from saving the map now when the destination isn't pulling in correctly.

Beat BUCHER replied 8 years ago

Thanks Chris,
I'll try this avenue… what wonders me is the shear amount of time that this SC Maintenance process takes… this thing runs forever and you have no way to tell if it's still running or not…

What the hell is it doing to take so long ??  even my GP upgrades goes faster then this..
Is there a way to check the status of the progress somewhere ?

Otherwise the only solution I can see is the export of all the maps before the upgrade is done and then re-import them all after.. not very efficient.

As for the DLL, though we don't use real-time maps right know, it'd good to have that fixed soon…


Chris replied 8 years ago

If that process is taking that long there may be somethign hanging up on the backend, where a direct line with support would be able to help better.

The longest I have seen it take is around 20 minutes before, but most of the clients I've done upgrades on its normally finished within 5 minutes. Thats an area where we might setup a sql profiler when we start the maintenance process on your system and see where it gets to as it definitely shouldn't take that long.


Jeff replied 8 years ago

I had the same problem with the GP-Add in for GP2013 with the new release of July 2nd.  The issue with requiring IIS is gone, but now the add-in for GP doesn't work.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work?


Chris replied 8 years ago

Jeff, they'll have to put out another build to resolve that GP addin issue. I'd expect it to come out fairly quickly here (like with the IIS fix) as that is something that affects anyone that wants to use the GP components on GP2010 or earlier.


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