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Document tasks gives incorrect syntax near ‘-‘

Lamario asked 4 years ago
I created a document task to run when a document fails as part of an integration for Cash Receipts for Dynamics GP.  No matter what variation I try to update the SQL table, I  the message Incorrect syntax near ‘-‘. _Source_ID is a bigint in my target table.  I have selected _Source_ID as a bigint, but I still cannot get past this message.  As a last resort, I declared a new variable and set the type as bigint and still receive the exact same message.  Any ideas…
DECLARE @FailedIntegration BIGINT = (select lookup_Value_ID from  [CARS].[SGEAS_DIFF].[dbo].Ref_lookup_value where value_description = ‘Failed to move to GP’)
DECLARE @CARSSource bigint = ‘_Source_ID’ 
UPDATE [CARS].[SGEAS_DIFF].[dbo].[Payment_Received]
SET GP_Integration_Status_ID = @FailedIntegration, Updated_Date = GETDATE(), Updated_By = ‘fsappuser’
WHERE Payment_Received_ID = @CARSSource
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


Looking at your script I don’t see the issue. Usually when a SQL task is failing, I will run a SQL trace while the map is running to see exactly what command is being sent to SQL. This should make it clear why it is failing.

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