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Document Failure Reason

Jenn asked 9 years ago
Hey Everyone – I have an document failure task which uses a global variable to indicate what orders did not update in GP. Is there any way I can get a reason attached to this so I know why it failed? Similar to the messages that are shown when I run the map manually? Thanks!!!
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago
There are a few global variables that you can use in your task


These will display the information that you see in the window when the map is run manually.

Michelle replied 9 years ago

That is great to know Lorren.  I have a customer who utilizes web services with a lot of homemade systems.  Getting the error messages at runtime per document is great.  I assume these are a string value so they are a concatenation of errors that happen within a document?

Jenn replied 9 years ago

Thank you!

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