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Document error

Software asked 7 years ago
Occasionally our scheduled Smart Connect jobs have a few records with the following error message: “Document was not sent due to document errors” 
This error message is a bit too vague, can you expand further on what this error means?  What are the steps I can do to troubleshoot this type of error?
– Alma.
Curtis answered 3 years ago
any update on this
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
The error message “Document was not sent due to document errors” was not sent due to document errors is a generic error message that can be caused by multiple errors.
The first step to resolve this, would be to run the map manually with the same data and see if the map returns the same error message. Usually when this error message occurs it is accompanied by a more useful error message, that was return from the destination. These can be hard to find in the event log, but should be clear when a map is run manually.
If the record successfully integrates when ran manually, but fails on the schedule it may be related to security. Check what user is assigned to the SmartConnect Schedule Service and try running the map while logged in as that user. It is possible they can’t access a resource needed for map execution.
One cause I have seen was bad data. It is possible that a data source column is blank, and that field is being used in a grouping which causes SmartConnect to fail processing the record. The original poster said the error only occurred occasionally which leads me to believe it is bad data, and the record failing should be cross referenced with successful records to see what differences are causing the failure.
Depending on the destination, this may be the only error message provided. We see this with the REST Connector frequently, because an error message was received from the destination service, and SmartConnect does not know how to process it. All SmartConnect knows is that the call failed, but does not know why. If this is the case, you can see the raw response from the remote service by installing Fiddler, and using the inspectors tab to see what response was received. 

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