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Do Restrictions affect marking a trigger record complete? asked 9 years ago
I am still relatively new to SmartConnect but not a complete newbie.

I am using CRM 2011 Online and SmartConnect with a Changes Only Data Source Type.

I am getting the same records over and over when I run the map.  Record Count is 5, Error Count is 0, and Success Count is 5.

My only Change Column is Status Reason and then I use restrictions to filter out all records except for a single Status Reason.

If I process within my Status Reason my record count goes up and then down.  If I process outside my Status Reason my record count goes up and never goes down.  Everything record reports success but never leaves the queue of records to be process.

Is this because of the restirctions or something else I am doing wrong?

My other maps are running fine with all record counts returning to 0 once complete.
kevin replied 9 years ago


A restriction placed on a change map line should not stop the settings of the processed flag on the change record.

Are you using the Allow SmartConnect to manage change tables in SmartConnect?

When you say process within or outside a Status reason, what exactly do you mean?

Best Answer answered 9 years ago
Thanks for the response Kevin.  We were allowinf SmartConnect to manage the change tables.  We had jobs that needed to run if the Status Reason was a specific value.

We had an issue where SmartConnect was not updating the Change Tables.  Running the Maintenance in SmartConnect appeared to remove the records but did not – could not modify or delete from SmartConnect.

Jobs were running just fine but the records never came out of the queue and were processed again and again.

I was able to work with Support and we completely removed SmartConnect application, DB, and plugins then reinstalled 2013 SP1.

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