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Distribution reference not imporitng

Tracy Jo Dance asked 4 years ago
I noticed that the distribution reference is not importing on only some of the lines of the journal entry.  This only happens on some distributions however.  Originally I thought it had to do with the length of the reference but upon further research – – it appears that anything that is not a number is not being imported. 
What do I have to do to get text to import on the distribution reference?
Lorren Zemke answered 4 years ago
If the Distribution Reference is not being updated but exists on the source the would be something within eConnect that would be doing that.
To verify the data being sent to GP is correct, change the destination to Dynamics GP – File and review what will be sent.  If the value is there, then it’s an eConnect issue. If there is no value, then we need to look at why the translation from source to destination is being changed.

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