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Disable Delete Button in Extender Window Scrolling Grid

Lisa Sorensen asked 7 years ago
Is it possible to disable the DELETE button in the Extender Scrolling Grid window? We have a client that needs to track multiple records against a single Item so we created an additional window off the Item Maintenance window.  There are 2 fields, and it is possible both fields have multiple values (Carriers and Carrier Plans).  When in the Additional Extender window and the user clicks the DELETE button in the window, it deletes all the records in the scrolling grid. It is possible that there can be unlimited amount of records associated to the one item: 
Extender Scrolling Window
How can we prevent the users from clicking the DELETE button in the Action Pane and use the Right Click option to remove a record from the list?  There is a huge risk that the users will accidentally delete all the records in the grid instead of a single record in grid.  
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
There isn’t going to be a method in Extender to disable the Delete Row option as that technically is a built in Dexterity command based on the scrolling window. It’s a limitation of Dexterity versus Extender since the Dexterity language does not provide a method to Disable that built-in menu.

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