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Different issues – 1) data errors and 2) set up for automated running of a file

Deb asked 4 years ago
My first issue is that when we run the map for our Payroll Journal Entry load (it normally has around 10K or more lines), smart connect errors only the first error it strikes in the JE, vs all errors.  Is there are function I am missing in the map settings that will allow all the errors to surface vs one at a time?
My second issue is I’ve set up the automated run of the map.  However, the file is never picked up to be run.  The process always fails and never shows that it runs.  I see that it ran the “automated” process, but that process shows failed.  Anyone have some ideas on why the file is just not getting grabbed?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
1. Not exactly. 
Microsoft designed the eConnect engine to stop at the first error it finds.  So if you have a transaction with your 10k lines and line 7 has an error, it stops there and reports it.
From a SC perspective, we have added a Map Data Validation routine so that YOU can put in any validation you like and so SC would check the entire source data against the destination table you choose. (ie verify account, item number, customer, etc exists).
If any fail, then the integration fails and reports all the errors that it found in the validation task.  The downside is that it only validates what you create as a validation so it can’t find all possible errors – only what you put in.
for the folder ds issue, check the logs for any errors otherwise:

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