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Dexterity Reference to Extender Field

Sean asked 9 years ago
I’m trying my hand at some dexterity scripting in an Extender window I’ve created and I’m running into a problem referencing a field on my window. This is what I have so far: local currency lc_Gross_Premium, lc_Broker_Commission, lc_IPT, lc_Payable; local integer li_Part_Comm, li_Full_Comm; clear table PM_Transaction_WORK; get first table PM_Transaction_WORK; { lc_Gross_Premium = ; lc_Broker_Commission = ; lc_IPT = ; } li_Part_Comm = 5/100; li_Full_Comm = 27.5/100; lc_Payable = ‘Purchases Amount’ of table ‘PM_Transaction_WORK’; if lc_Broker_Commission > 0 then lc_Payable = lc_Gross_Premium * li_Part_Comm; else lc_Payable = lc_Gross_Premium * li_Full_Comm; end if; lc_Gross_Premium = ‘Extender Field IDs'[9] of window ‘Policy Information’ of table ‘EXT_Extender_Windows’; My problem is the last line….I need to get the value of the field on my extender window called ‘Policy Information’….so what am I missing? Appreciate the help! –Sean

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