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Deposit with Receipts – Null value in CM10100.DepAmt

Tom Hamill asked 3 years ago
Using SmartConnect (v20.18.0.9) to read “un-deposited” Receipts from CM20300 and create deposits in the same companies Bank Rec module.  My map groups the receipts list be Checkbook ID and Date and sum the receipt total.  This receipt total is mapped to the Deposit Amount field in the map.
Despite this, I get the error “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘DepAmt’, table “dbid.dbo.CM10100; column does not allow nulls”
When I look at the saved xml files I can see a non-null, non-zero value in  <taBRBankDepositsHeader><DebAmt>.
Does anyone know why SmartConnect would be returning an error indicating that DepAmt is NULL?

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