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Deleting Data Stored in eXtender Windows

Kirk Livermont asked 9 years ago
A few months ago I created two extender windows and imported a bunch of data into them. The data that is currently stored in the windows is no longer correct and I would like to simply delete all data stored in those two windows so I can start fresh with a new import into empty windows. Has anyone been able to do this? Ideally I would like to completely delete the data from SQL. Thank you, Kirk Livermont
bob replied 9 years ago

Did you ever get the answer to this? I have the same situation. Im building a form and testing. So, deleting and re-adding data is critical in this testing mode.


Kirk Livermont replied 9 years ago

I didn't get a response to this post. I ended up using a mail merged macro to blank and update a couple hundred records at a time which met my need but wasn't ideal.


Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
There isn’t a way to just delete the data from the windows/forms in Extender. The best option I can come up with other than clearing the tables manually or by recreating them in SQL Maintenance is the following. Copy the Window/Form setup to a new window/form and then delete the original one that has data in it. This will get you the setup of the Window/Form in a new one and then when you delete the old one, it will remove the old setup as well as the data. You could also export the setup and then delete it and import it again if you want it to have the same ID. The export/import option only does the setup and not any of the data that has been entered. Nicole
MIke answered 8 years ago
I am pretty sure you can go to Tools–>Extender–> and delete the entries if they are static entries you have entered. If you are using a lookup where you look up employees, approver, requestor, and etc, then you may have to clear out the table in EXT00101. Let me know if you have further question on or if I did not understand or answer your question correctly. We use extender here at my company as we use both methods and I just had to create a trigger for when someone updates the requestor or approver and send us an email stating what they changes with their credentials, timestamp, Old records, current changed records, and etc.

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