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Deleted companies on test server from GP now smartlists broken

Ryan asked 5 years ago
As the subject suggests above. I’m wondering if there’s a way to completely blow away all canned/custom smartlists from the database and uninstall smartlist builder. Then do a fresh install of smartlist builder. 
Once that’s done I have a .xml file with all of my smartlists/favorites saved that I can import fresh.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
For the “canned/out-of-the-box” SmartLists – maybe.  I know MSFT was working on a “re-default SmartLists” tool but I don’t know how that is coming or is finished.  You’d have to ask them.
From a SLB perspective, the best way would be to pull up each SmartList and delete it.
Then launch SmartList itself and say “yes” when prompted to update SLB SmartLists.  Now they are deleted from SLB, they will also get removed from Smartlist.

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