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Delete Company from all Maps

Curtis asked 6 years ago
I have 30 some odd Maps created in SmartConnect all integrating data into Dynamics GP into various modules.
We’ve recently combined 5 of our 10 companies in GP and would like to remove these companies from each of the Smartconnect maps.
Is there a way to quickly remove the all the unwanted companies from each of the Maps so that users do not inadvertently import data into a company we have not officially taken off line?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 6 years ago
The best way to resolve this is to go into each map and verify the companies that are updating.
Curtis replied 6 years ago

I’ve received email back from support and one of the support technicians mentioned that the Company datasources are read directly from the SY01500 table in the DYNAMICS database.
I’ve deleted the companies from GP removing any references to the companies in the GP tables. I then went into each Map and deleted one by one each company which no longer existed in GP.

Because I have 50 SmartConnect Maps and 10 GP companies of which I needed to open each Map and manually delete 5 companies and save the map, I found the tables in SmartConnect that had the datasources and Companies in the maps referencing the old companies.

By deleting the records in the SmartConnect.dbo.TenantBase table referencing the old companies and as well the [SmartConnect].[dbo].[MsGpTenant] records pointing to old companies, I was left with only the companies which exist in the SY01500 table located in the DYNAMICS database. To be successful, you need to remove the records in the MsGpTenant table first since these records are foreign keys to the records in the TenantBase table.

Thank you all for your help

@GP_Beat answered 6 years ago
I’d like to report an issue I found out with the SC 2016 version (
In any given map, you can acutally add a new company / server easiyl, but deleting doesn’t work..  We have our SmartConnect installed on a development server to test out the new maps with a copy of our GP environment before we use them in production.. On SC, we created different groups so the maps can be classified and sorted (i.e Dev, Test, Prod).
However, adding companies from the live GP server seems quick and easy, removing them is not.. The delete button removes the company when you edit the map, but after saving it and re-opening the map the company entry is back.. so it never really gets deleted..
This is very annoying, because you can’t more a tested map from one group to another and then change the company connexion.. Doing this at the SC setup level is even more counter-productive as it removes all the existing companies (from the TEST system) and replaces it by the ones from the LIVE system, which is not what we want…

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