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Define Company Name in New DataSource Mapping

SmartConnect Newb asked 8 years ago
I have chosen SmartConnect for my company’s GP Dynamics to SalesForce integration.
Thus far have been really impressed with SmartConnect compared to other products. However, I have hit a roadblock the manual seems a little vague on:
While trying to create a new DataSource Mapping from a GP RealTime DataSource (Map -> Select Microsoft GP Real-Time Data Source -> click Create)

I am finding the tables and everything I want as below but need to define a “Company” but am unable to do so:
Link to screen shot
Link to screenshot #2

I have already defined a company in the GP Dynamics Connector for the correct company. The manual reads “Select the Companies button to open the companies window and define which GP companies should trigger this real time data source

Where else can I define the GP related company? I’ve perused the UI to no avail, and is not getting the company that has been defined in the connector?

TIA!  😎

Lorren Zemke replied 8 years ago

Did you run System Maintenance in SmartConnect after setting up the Dynamics GP Connector?

SC Newb replied 8 years ago

Yes, I did. AS I understand it is suppose automatically populate itself with companies from GP. These companies show up and the default is defined in the GP Connector. And the manual is kind of vague.

I guess since I need to progress on this project looking for another tool might be quicker – as 90% i am doing something incorrect. But nobody seems to know.

Trial USer answered 8 years ago
Ok – is this a trail limitation?   Just tried the “How to setup a customer” how to from the Custom map downloads. When I got to the company (this one had an “add” button) and couldn’t add it, “This feature is unavailable in the trial”.
So? Confused? Is this disabled in the Realtime DataSource Mappings? As well?   
Lorren Zemke replied 8 years ago

Yes, in trial mode, the only Dynamics GP company that is available is Fabrikam, Inc. (TWO). The realtime data source can be any Dynamics GP company but the destination would only be Fabrikam.

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