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default template does not work in extender 2013

Alexander Betser asked 9 years ago
Hello Everybody!

Please help me figuring out why default templates and template selection does not work in Extender 2013 v .

Particularly, "use default template …" checkbox on window templates form does not retain it's state when the form is saved. It clears off and the same happens with the dropdown where the default template name is selected.

Then when the target extender window is opened from GP menu no automatic defaulting actually happens – field values (one date and one time field in my case) are still empty until you manually pick the template from a list (except if it's a menu). Template was set up to "replace always".

Also I noticed that if the "Selection Method" is set to "Menu" then template is not applied at all even if explicitly choosen from the menu.

Is it a bug in Extender or in documentation reading part of my brain?

Please let me know if I missed any important details.
Best Answer
Alexander Betser answered 9 years ago
Hey Alex, there is a workaround: invoke template from the on focus action: create action to run a desired template upon enetring into the first field on the form.

One already has all the answers inside but no good search engine 😉 (c) me

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