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Default 'Find Panel' & 'Auto Filter Row' Options

Kyle Malone asked 5 years ago
The final panel & auto filter row under ‘Options’ are powerful tools that are hidden by default.  It would be nice to have the ability to default these at minimum, at the system-level & then the end-users have the ability to turn them on/off and their preferences SAVE for the next time that they open SmartView.
Nicole Albertson Staff replied 5 years ago

If you are using SmartView External, there are two values in the SmartView.exe.config file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\eOne Integrated Business Solutions\SmartView folder that control this on each workstation. You could set these values by default in the file upon install until we implement something to "automate" this.<br><br>SmartView Internal doesn't have an option like this to default.

Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
This Feature Request is under consideration and will be looked at further to implement in SmartView.

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